Author Friends With Benefits (AFWB) began in February 2017 as a Facebook group for Authors to discuss their publishing challenges and support one another but quickly developed into much more than that.


We felt that independent and small published authors had a huge challenge in front of them, trying to promote themselves without any real marketing experience or the time to do the job justice. If they shared the burden of promotion, together authors would have more time to write. For that reason, we wanted to create a community of authors who genuinely supported and encouraged one another. Too many authors have had poor experiences with service providers and so our goal is to provide cost-effective and reliable services attached to a brand that would be trusted.

E-Mail: afwbinfo@gmail.com 

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The AFWB Mission

Author Friends With Benefits is an online community in which Indie authors get to support other indie authors and receive support in return. We are all lovers of books to begin with and we share our love for storytelling and our experiences to empower and embrace each other's talents.

AFWB's Objectives

A Sense Of True Community

Our greatest ambition is to create a real community of writers who support and encourage one another as such we put emphasis on methods of communication between authors and encourage networking both between authors and authors, and authors and readers.



Provide cost-effective and Reliable Services

Another key objective is to provide author services that can be trusted. Too many independent authors have had negative experiences with the service providers they have found on social media. We want to change the way authors search for service providers – rather than sharing a Facebook post requesting an editor, we would like to encourage them to “shop around” using our Directory of Services and hopefully purchase our Opt-In Services.


Reader’s Network

We aim to develop a readership that will be engaged in our community and participate in our online events and book club. Through this network, we will be able to provide reviews.

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Email AFWB: afwbinfo@gmail.com

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