Author Friends With Benefits loves a good blog tour; whether it's to celebrate the launch of a new book or to promote your books and author brand, it's bound to be fun. We have fantastic options for authors, depending upon how much of a splash they want to make.​

Alternatively, drop us an email:

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We'll send out your Cover Reveal kit to 20 or more blogs.



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We'll send your Release Day Media Kit to over 40 blogs.



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We'll send your Pre-order & Release Day Media Kit to over 40 blogs.



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We'll send your Series (1 - 3 books) Media Kit to over 40 blogs. 



Add ARC Management To Your Tour


We will ask bloggers to consider reviewing your new release using a Google Form to collect kindle addresses. We will then send your ARC directly to kindle and will send out a 'reminder to review' on release day and follow up on stray reviewers.


Add A Giveaway To Your Tour


We will manage a giveaway on your behalf as part of your tour. You will be responsible for providing the prize but we will set up the giveaway, draw the winner and depending upon your wishes, distribute the prize too.


All-Inclusive Package


Are you also planning an event? We have a package that includes all the events and blog tours you will need for your next release.


What's Included...

Cover Reveal Blog Tour (RRP $20.00),

Cover Reveal Gold Event (RRP $40.00),

Release Day Blitz/ Pre-Order Blitz ($45.00 - $75.00),

Launch Gold Event (RRP $40.00),

5 x Teaser Graphics (RRP $20.00),

Spotlight Tour ($55.00).

Instead of costing (RRP) $250.00, it will only cost $200.00.​

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