Once you've finished writing your manuscript, the next thing to do is get it professionally edited. A well edited manuscript is a must for all published authors.


Price List:


Proofreading - $0.003 per word

Content Editing - $0.005 per word

Line Editing - $0.006 per word

Manuscripts shorter than 2.5K (including blurbs) - $15.00 fixed

We provide several options to ensure we match your requirements. It is fair to say that editors and proofreaders do very different jobs. Many editors will check for proofreading errors without charging more but please remember this is not included in their editing fee and so if they find a large volume of Proofing Errors they may refer you to a proofreader.



Our proofreaders will be looking for the following when they work through your manuscript;

  • Tense Agreement.

  • Subject/ verb agreement - plural verb conjugations with single subjects.

  • Pronoun/ case agreement - confusing the subject and object of the sentence.

  • Are there similar words that have been confused?

  • Misused Apostrophes.

  • Incorrect conjugation of modal verbs.

  • Words with similar spelling or pronunciation but different meanings i.e. they’re/ there/ their.

  • Check there are no double spaces between characters, especially after a full stop.

  • Wrong or missing headings or titles.

  • Incorrect capitalisation.

  • Interchanging small words: of/ off/ on, and/ an/ as, it/ is/ if.

  • Missing numbers in a numbered sequence i.e. chapter numbers

  • Inconsistent use of abbreviations.

  • Dashes: hyphens for combining words, en dash as a substitute for ‘and’ or ‘to’, em dash used to form parenthetic phrases.

  • Consistency in fonts/ sizes for headers and body text.

  • Passive Sentences? Is it intended? Does it detract?

  • Spell out numbers - no digits unless it adds to the meaning

  • Consistency - is British/ American - either is fine but it must be consistent

  • Comma usage

  • Single or double quote marks - again consistency

  • Italics/ single quotes for internal dialogue - again author’s choice so long as it is consistent and clear

  • Are there any overused words?



We provide two different types of Editing at AFWB; Content Editing (Substantive Editing or Developmental Editing) and Line Editing.


Our Content Editors Will Ask The Following Questions Of Your Manuscript...

  • Is it coherent and consistent?

  • Is the information included accurate?

  • Is there any slang used inappropriately? I.e. in the narrative of a third person story.

  • Are there any factual errors?

  • Are there any contradictions within the content?

  • Are there any plot discrepancies?

  • Do the characters behave within their character?

  • Are there any discrepancies in dialogue?

  • How is the theme developed throughout?

  • How do any sub-plots relate to the main story arc?


Our Line Editors Will Ask The Following Questions Of Your Manuscript...

  • Does the text flow logically?

  • Does it form a meaningful whole?

  • Is the meaning clearly expressed?

  • Is there an appropriate tone?

  • Is it concise?

  • Does it have purpose?

  • Does the opening paragraph indicate the purpose of the text?

  • Does every part of the text contribute to the key idea in order to form a meaningful whole?

  • Is the purpose clear throughout the text?

  • Does every sentence add to the whole?

  • Have transitional phrases i.e. however been underused/ overused?

  • Are the sentence structure and vocabulary varied, without too much repetition?

  • Are there any unnecessary filler words i.e. actually, basically, that detract from the story?

  • Are there cliches that could be avoided?

  • Is it targeted towards its reader?

  • Does the text fit the requirements of its genre/ sub-genre?

  • Does the last paragraph conclude the story effectively?

  • Is the Story Arc clear and effective? Character development?

  • Use of emotive language?


It is fair to say that proofreaders, content editors and line editors all do very precise and different roles. Please consider this when booking your editing project.