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For every book you release, you will want to make sure you have a Media Kit ready. It's a must have if you have plans to do a blog tour but really they can be much more useful than just that. Its content will be able to help you promote your book for years to come and you might even want to share it with publishers if you decide to submit your book for publication.​

Alternatively, you can email us at

Price: $55.00

What You Will Need To Submit...


Author Stuff

Branding Graphics

Author Photo, Logo, Signature, Banner, etc.

Author Bio

Author Social Links

Author Interview


Book Stuff

Cover Graphic

ebook & wrap


Video Trailer

(if applicable)




Basic Information​

Genre, Price, Series, Buy Links, Release Date, etc.

What You Will Receive...


A Landing Page

We will create a landing page that can be used to share your Kit

Facebook Ready Posts

We will create posts for pre-order, release day & after, depending upon your requirements (PDF)

HTML Ready Blog Post

We will create a HTML post that bloggers can use on their website blog.

Author Media Kit

We will create a PDF Kit about you and your other books, including your author interview.

Book Media Kit

We will create a PDF Kit about the book, containing the content you give us.


We will arrange your kit in a Google drive folder for ease of use.