ƩΩ🖤 The Selection 🖤ƩΩ

We've got a book we want to tell you about from the lovely Shaunna Rodriguez! If you love books about the #Greek College system then you are going to LOVE The Selection!

This is the first book in a brand new #Greek #series so if you're looking for a #new series then you've come to the right place!

Shaunna Rodriguez is also planning to #release #book number two later this year, so you won't have to wait long!

It's not pricey either at only $1.20 - which is just insane, when you remember that Shaunna Rodriguez is a #best #selling #author!

Only the Elite will be Selected & Only the Strong will Survive..... Are you ready to #RUSH

Take a chance, one click and join the #RUSH

Kate Reid is dead or at least one of them is. Inside these pages weaves a tale of college #Rush, crazy house Presidents, romantic complications, and missing pledges that only scratches the surface of a sinister undertone to this year's festivities. But this is college. That means parties, hazing, and potential hook-up's with frat boys; what's not to love? You only live once, right?

For SBP's Vice President, Kate Reid, things are not always as they seem. Her dreams have begun to haunt her while flashbacks of memories she can't place chill her to the bone. She feels like a part of her is missing and the name Andi is on the tip of her tongue for reasons she can't begin to understand much less explain. Despite this, she's looking forward to banter, much needed laughter, and adding new members to their sorority sisterhood. She's not opposed to enjoying a little hazing that comes with #Rush territory.

Instead of surviving the challenges of keg stands, beer pong, & Jello shots, Kate finds herself at the center of a deadly game leaving everyone with more questions than answers. If her life being in jeopardy wasn't hair-raising enough, her pledges are going missing and no one knows if they are dead or alive. Surviving college #Rush this year will surpass any of the House challenges.

At the end of the day, two questions remain.... Are you ready to #Rush and will you survive?

All that glitters is not gold & things are not always as they appear....

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