Awesome Series

This past few days I've been reading Hanleigh Bradley's Rules Series.

Ladies I am talking to you this series is hot, smoldering and down right sizzling.

The series starts with Aurora having a bad and deciding to break a family rule and go to a bar with her friends and breaks more rules one by one that even. She drinks margaritas and tequila shots ( we know what happens when tequila is involved)

She is at the bar ordering more shots and margaritas and can't find her friends and offers it to a man beside her .. His name is Landon, let me tell you the way Hanleigh describes this man, he sounds like a greek god personified. He helps Aurora break more rules that is all I will tell.

This book is a four book series and each takes you into the rules and breaking them.

So don't you think its more fun to break the rules?

Until next time...

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